Shin Se Kyung has done well and Kim Rae Won's perfect. Good job kim rae won. At first I thought this drama was good but nooooo this drama is soooo boringgg. Their kisses sizzles...not of modern days abandon & lust; but old fashion pure love. Ep1 was pretty interesting. I getting annoyed with Sharon she should learned from the past history and needs to give up. I think it would be a good thing if she'll be able to get another kind of different role, showing different side of her. Somehow i felt in love with the storyline and Sharon (SJH) give unique character on this drama. Forgot account? Estele Dec 23 2017 11:57 pm jezel Oct 29 2017 1:32 am But I really love shin se kyung ? I hope they can. It wasn't love but an OBSESSION.sharon said why nobody was on her side? the really played the rules greatly to the end. I enjoyed this drama to the very end. Some might like it, some may hate. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me – Ksatria Hitam adalah kisah cinta antara seorang wanita yang sedang menunggu cinta dalam hidupnya dan seorang pria yang rela melakukan apa saja untuk melindungi cintanya. And Seo Ji Hye is gorgeous. besides it had a good review n response in Korea n has done better than its competitors rating wise. Like the whole point was that they could finally be happy together and the writers ruined that. I love everything and the plot is really intriguing but I kinda wished another actress was the main lead... Nani Dec 31 2017 7:18 am Finally by ep. I am watching this because of Kim Rae Won. I love everything about her. so, that's why this drama called black knight: the man who guards me. love their chemistry. Se Kyung is improving and I can see that. Dont get me wrong.......... i love the mystery in this drama and Kim Rae Won acting skills. watching this for Seo Ji-Hye & Jang Mi Hee, they are so good. i watched it because kim rae won is here. Last straw was having some fans of the ex calling her names & terms that would call for lawsuits! It is a love story that spans over two hundred years. Love Seo Ji Hye acting here...she is the reason why i still watching this drama...she is so beautiful...wonder why shes still not yet cast as leading role...what a shame...shes really good.....and kim rae won always the best! I love the actions of he main actor and actresses . My mom loved it too. Bambina Jan 23 2018 1:13 am Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung were both part in the movie My Little Bride wherein SSK was a friend of Moon Geun Young. Something different than other kdramas. The actual plot, basically, is about some twisted fates due to baby swapping. Just like the previous, it wasn't intense but a nice laid back drama to watch. Nevertheless I really love the romance of the main leads. By far my favourite K-Drama and it's so annoying waiting each week just to watch 2 episodes and hungry for the next 2. :). Why?? I don't have any issue with all the cast. Which is very sad... Over years the she has improved.... Ravan Nov 30 2017 12:07 pm I totally loved the ending, what's more satisfying than seeing hae ra die and soo ho left all alone?? For those that like love romance story, recommended! This drama is a masterpiece. INFORMASI English Heuggisa,The Black Knight,Black Knight,Black Knight - The Man Who Guards Me Episode 20 Episode Type TV Status Complete Duration 1 hr. Pria tersebut bernama Moon Soo-Ho (Kim Rae-Won) yang melalui kehidupan kecilnya dengan keras dan … Lacks originality due to copying some things from Goblin and legend of the blue sea. KRW is a versatile actor...and has unlimited charisma, Ismawati Nasiruddin Jan 10 2018 4:37 pm I accidentally watched this drama. Kudos KRW and SSK and all the actors! The storyline is getting slower i think. Minh Jan 08 2018 5:14 am SSK please accept.... hana Oct 02 2017 3:48 am KRW looks so charismatic and SSK looks so pretty. also, I just want sharon to leave those two alone!!! I have to commend the writing too. Their kissing are not the modern days abandon & lust; but the old fashion pure love. Kim Rae Won and Seo Ji Hye again? Can't wait to watch this Drama.. The drama was all about big earrings and side parted hairstyles ??? My piece of advice go watch Wise Prison Life, Just Between Lover or even Im Not A Robot is so much better than this "drama". I am so in love with his charachter and he really portrays it well.Even though Shin Se Kyung's acting in her previous dramas were not good,this one is completely different! love the cast but not the storyline :(. Wan Oct 15 2017 2:16 pm Come on ladies haha. yay yu in young unni fighting!!! Massive respect for Black Knight's producer,writer also the people who watches it. EXCUSE YOU Shin Sekyung did a very good job, she could act!!!!! Bad and a sad ending. She’s insecure and adorable, not sure she deserves love or success. Kori_023 Dec 06 2017 8:48 pm damn, sharon is really gorgeous, funny, evil but kinda dumb, i feel bad for her but really love her, and Seo Ji-hye is really pretty, What-if Feb 09 2018 12:27 am Leave Shin SeKyung & her projects alone if you can't deal with inability to accept all things beautiful about her! Because of the switching of babies by baekhee, sharon (the beggar's daughter) able to enjoy a noble status, raised and married into wealthy family and became lady of the house which belongs to boonyi initially. The story line is very interesting and it arouses your curiousity so much.The script is so good and I like the fact that this story line is not another cliché one.I just love the main leads; Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung!Their chemistry is really good and KRW's cheesy lines in this drama is a main reason why people should watch this! I’m suprised this didn’t have a lot of hype the year it was aired cause I absolutely enjoyed watching it. actually i'm looking forward to this drama because of shin se-kyung. Very romantic! It ain't her fault?) omo omo omo that kiss stole my breath away. Sharon is a scene stealer here. I mean Park Gon is rich, might as well he hired a P.I to do the job. The pain that she experienced, but should Sharon learnt from her past experience & focus on how to lift the curse instead of create mess around with Hae-Ra & Soo-Ho. *clap boot*. This is the clear fact. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); !!!! You cannot steal other people things. Dodo Nov 09 2017 7:06 pm Hope the viewership goes much higher as the story develops. Love the two main leads....the female lead is much younger than the male lead is the oppa ....she is young & not confident whereas he is the opposite & the protective over her. Not a fan but i think Shin Se Kyung improved on her acting on this drama compared to her role in the Bride of the Water God. //]]>. She have to protect her marriage. Why tf people are giving hate to Shin Sekyung and this drama? ...when the black knight keeps sweeping the poor girl off her feet... both literally and figuratively #Cinderellastory #dreamyguy. Fighting oppa KRW:), Crist Dec 01 2017 3:42 am Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I still can't decide on the female lead, I've watched so many of her dramas but she's still 'growing 'on me. Create New Account. This is the only kdrama that I have seen that does not have any boring episode - each episode is worth-waiting a week for. It was good at first then then fhe last episodes got boring. I wish the story could end, he loves her whether she is old or not. Love this drama so much......And also the actor Kim Rae Won is so handsome and so fashionable... Marian Dec 11 2017 2:41 pm Just my opinion...its not that ssk cant act, but thats how she acted...few of actors/actressess really can change their way of acting...i can see her improvement from her last projects with TBOTWG. okay i liked Nam Joo Hyuk he can act,....Shin Se-Kyung sucked in bride of the water god, she had the same face whether sad or happy, at least her make out scenes weren't as bad as her previous dramas, the only praise worthy acting was towards the end of bride of the water god when she finds the fate of her father. k Jan 05 2018 12:10 am so awkward when she laughed, it wasn't natural at all. I so love her and I'm so excited about this drama~! sad ending as well. 10 points from me :), Brina Jan 16 2018 8:08 am Now I know why Shin Se Kyung's other dramas didn't hit. I want her to show just a bit more emotion on her face and she will be fine .....she is a good actress but she appears one dimensional i don't know if its her choice of roles she picks which dont suit her or generally poorly portraying the characters. Oct 19 2017 10:51 am Cause the beautiful wealthy woman was really the daughter of a peasant and the maid was really the daughter of the wealthy folks. go to your drama slot you want to give your review. I think Seo Ji Hye won't get him...again... BibyD Oct 20 2017 10:17 pm or. But the drama looks so pretty. Change ). :D, Me Jan 20 2018 8:28 am LoL. To be honest I feel sorry for Seo ji hye. If they guy from the start had some balls he would not have been having sex with the wife trying for a baby and leading her on!!! It was very bittersweet. The beautiful Slovenia scenes.... aqeela Jan 11 2018 8:01 pm Without any spoilers , the plot is simple:  It’s a super sweet love story between a rich business man and a woman who works for a travel agency. The teaser looks good & promising to get high ratting .. Watch Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Episode 1 Eng Sub Online in high quaily | V.I.P #2: This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. Enjoying the Mr. Charismatic KRW. She must change her acting style, she needs something new. I made one of my New Years resolutions to stop quitting dramas in the middle and towards the end and despite how bad they are finish them to the end. Pi2t Jan 26 2018 10:41 am The only character that I like in this drama is Sharon. mohini mohanty Jan 05 2018 2:01 pm I love him. SINOPSIS/ Cerita Tentang Black Knight (Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me).Serial drama Korea KBS2 terbaru yang akan tayang musim dingin 2017 ini berjudul “Black Knight” dan akan tayang pada hari Rabu dan Kamis pukul 22.00 waktu setempat menggantikan slot serial drama “Mad Dog” yang akan di tayangkan perdana di 11 Oktober 2017. She’s not alone, though. Okay, let’s talk about our main couple. Shin Se Kyung does have chemistry with Kim Rae Won. ShinHaJae Oct 08 2017 8:13 am Supporting actor also suppose bring impact for the drama. I have the belief that Shin Se Kyung will convey her full heroine and it's great that she has a perfect male companion Kim Rae Won. The choice was still in his hands. I think she is the most pitiful character that needs to be comforted. I don't know why. But I'm very disappointed we oh the ending. Despite of her disappointing performance in Bride of Habaek, hoping she can improve her acting on this series. Enteryaining each Episode. Looking forward for more dramas and movies of him. Ssk acting is good. Another example is Gong Hyo Jin. Not a good story but entertained enough, not my favorit but fair to see. She will not be popular if shes not.. fighting unni!! SPOILER. Shin Se Kyung is quite good here, and really pretty. Princess Alana Feb 08 2018 4:45 pm can someone tell me what the name of the young moon soon hoo. I now only watch her scenes and skips all other scenes in the drama. Love ssk and krw chemistry, love this drama and always waiting for the next episode. I really quiet enjoy watching this. She did a great job. I enjoyed it so much <3. Again one minute Shin Se Kyung's acting becomes so good and another minute it becomes boring again reminding me of what I went through in bride of water god. But due to similarity in names, I gave this black knight a shot and I must confess,I'm disappointed in this drama. Can't wait to watch kim rae won's comeback drama.. Sharon was also used. I love that Se Kyung has a personality in this drama! I am waiting for this drama . ughhh. All her emotions come off the same. I hope this drama not similar to Goblin .. Mitze Dec 06 2017 5:20 am They strayed too far from them having a destiny together. Say Dec 02 2017 7:01 pm Grace Utah USA Jan 04 2018 2:24 am She shows more emotion, maybe because she doesn't have the burden of being the eldest among the lead cast (In botwg, she is older than Krystal and Nam Joo Hyuk) or the fear of being around water. Ini adalah kisah cinta yang terbentang lebih dari dua ratus tahun. love this drama! KRW character is strong for this Drama, thats covering SSK character. Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) is a businessman with a pure heart braves danger for his love, Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung) who is a travel agent but never traveled abroad. Rasheeda May 10 2019 4:53 pm others prefer English drama or local. her special ability is shape-shifter, transforms to other person. I really really love Kim Rae Won, as always, very amazing performance from him. I see many exactly same comment in every Shin Sekyung drama, you should watch morning drama instead there are so much cast with overwhelming "expression" lol. !!!! See more of Black Knight : The Man Who Guards Me 흑기사 on Facebook. Omo..amazing view? Every time there seems like a good drama I ended up not watching it if it was her as the female lead. Terima kasih sudah download Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Sub Indo di Batchindo. But, how the storyline was told is the only thing that suck in my mind. VazGaming Dec 15 2017 7:30 am wil Dec 10 2017 6:27 pm Im not her fan but yes, she's pretty.hohohoho.. Donahmee Nov 17 2017 4:20 pm So he said that' Because of me that her family in distress'. Though it's too early to judge but a 16 episode drama that didn't deliver even after episode 2 isn't a good drama. And Mad dog was the drama before this too. I've only read a few reviews of her past drama like Bride of the Water God. Bk supporter Jan 07 2018 1:39 pm Haera are the only one who be the obstacle for Sharon to love Soo Ho. Been a fan of him since Love Story in Harward drama that i wayched 9 years ago huhu. watching this drama is a musttt. What the actual date of this drama?? I hate this drama. It is a feel good, comforting movie, worth to watch and feel so overwhelm with their love after watching it. Synopsis This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. Stop attacking innocent Shin Se Kyung! BOTWG is really bad because of many factors, one of those is that SSK's bad acting, yes I agree. gone girl, not a Korean movie has what I would call a bad ending. She sees her own fate as a cruel injustice, which it was, so she feels entitled to ruin the reincarnated relationship. AnnSayYo! It has this old,winter and somewhat mysterious vibe to it. It's not my favorit drama , but really like their costume/outfit. Beautiful ending. What a slimey, conniving couple they are, and they deserve each other in the past life and present life. i just watched ep 1 and ep 2. Woman cares so much for the husband, would not think of herself so much and the looks. I look forward to his heroic feats to save the damsel in distress. Last but not least, I think this drama title is more suit for "Sharon and Baek hee". I just finished ep 16 and now I'm convinced that Sharon is a PSYCHOPATH. Sefyee Feb 08 2018 8:20 pm //]]>, //