Been to a million gigs since, and nothing else has come close. Nothing has come close to equalling the feeling of event that this concert had. Now we had to get The show was great they played so many of my favorite songs.I have never been one to complain about musical mistakes made by the band so I won't start now.My only complaint is a young gal I met at the show swiped my Camera .She may have felt it was a trade but it was a Cannon AE 1 .She was verry pretty though.She told me she was from South hampton .I loved the show ,I loved the Gal,and I still love England and Zeppelin. Zeppelin also played the event on August 4, and the two performances marked the first time the legendary rockers played their native U.K. in four years. We followed the crowd (assumed they were going to concert). Celebration Day 03. Whilst there, on July 23-24, they decided to play two low key shows under the pseudonym The Melancholy Danish Playboys. I think some barriers were knocked over and I remember running across the fields towards the arena at some early hour of the morning. PS Brother's name Robert Anthony Ceciliato. Yep, I'm with you on this, Seeing Led Zep was one of the best experiences of my life. I think now that's a good thing, still surprised by life every day whether in a good way or not, still rocking, still a Led Zep fan , still love Robert like a brother, still got my own hair. If you didn’t get there, but live within about a five mile radius (like Mr. I remember Chas and Dave doing Rabbit, a bit of Fairport Convention and Todd Rundgren the Electric Banana. Showco supplied the equivalent of four to six of its regular three-way PA systems with active crossovers and large bass bins and horns. comprehend. Following the Bray rehearsals, Page and the crew had time to perfect this particular element of the production when the party headed out to Copenhagen’s Falkoner Theater in late July, to work on both the music and the show design. Hot Dog is Hot Dog and finally a little magic appears with the Rain Song. Check it out. But great sadness is also attached to Knebworth - I have seen Page & Plant since (NEC) and Robert Plant & the New Sensation (Wolverhampton) but - having waited 28 years I cannot get a ticket for the Reunion. They went through a beautiful rendering of ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ and the combination of Robert’s voice (his range seems endless) and Jimmy’s guitar was spell-binding, sending a chill up my spine – you could feel the electricity in the crowd. Wednesday we got the news that Zep would be there Thursday for the soundcheck.. I recall some of the perimeter fences were forced down by the weight of numbers and we along with hundreds of others set off at a run across recently mown fields towards the turnstiles. bunked off school to go to london to get the tickets august 4 first and best concert ever been too any chance that one day it will be released as a whole show on c d ? It was my first ever concert. I was around 11 years old when their music became my master, was 8 year older brother who initially turned me on to Led Zeppelin and the L.P.that unforseen to me at the time would influence and ultimately guide or shape the life that I have led to this point in time and no doubt like a fine and loyal life partner will I'm of no doubt continue and similar to our universe instead of initial thoughts of retraction slowing and collapse , we experience expansion and a strong force providing reassuring guidance in order to assist me and hope many more people to live a simple unmaterialized life-style. We parked up and set off across the corn fields to join the crowds with such an air of excitement building. 1. " In 1979, Led Zeppelin performed at Knebworth for two gigs, their first concerts in the United Kingdom since 1975. Another Showco crew member, Ian ‘Iggy’ Knight had been Zeppelin’s lighting designer for many years leading up to Knebworth. Well first of all thanks to the US NAVY for my transportation and my CPO for letting me leave for a two night liberty to go to this show. Traded some American Whiskey with the Inn keeper & gave us discounted rooms & free meal. and I remember an American girl next to me at the front firing off a starting pistol throughout the set...!This year I applied for the Ahmet Tribute and like most fans, was unsuccessful, and thinking no more of it decided to go abroad for a few weeks. Following a four year absence, Led Zeppelin make their triumphant return to England with two of the biggest shows of their career. Calmes notes: “At the same time as Knebworth, Showco was doing the Bee Gees’ Spirits Having Flown U.S. tour which had one of the first programmable digital sequencers to run the dancefloor stage. We heard on the radio that Led Zeppelin would playing only once that year and it was at Knebworth. photos, links, tape trades. I think if I had done a mural of Adolph Hitler in the middle of them he wouldn’t have been able to hit them any harder. Last but by no means least Pagey and Peter Grant arrived in a helicopter. It reminded me of the best gig I ever saw. Several days camping, Led Zep being played on Radio 1 the night before. Amazingly amongst the swelling crowds we bumped into some friends (this was way before mobile phones) who shared their food and booze - things were getting even better!,,,,,, Where do I start? Suddenly, he raised the bow and a dazzling green light appeared at the end of it, next a pencil beam of green laser came from the light and he waved it through the arena and into the sky. Additional sound crew included Allen Branton and Joe Crowley. As I was walking up near the top of the lane a Transit pulls in front of me and the back doors are flung open..”Want a Lift?”, Silly question, I hopped in to the van and there were 4 or 5 people in it. This concert was and remains the highlight of my life (wife, kids & God excepted) - it was Led Zeppelin at their very, very best and a life changing experience. I was one of the lucky thousands who made it to see Led Zeppelin’s concert on August 4th at Knebworth, home of the Street Rod Nationals for the last two years. “I think that because of the size of that crowd, the climate was magical. Hearing the opening chords of 'The Song Remains the Same' sent my heart racing and my knees trembling. “They were always very secretive about their operations,” says Calmes, “and Richard could be a difficult person at that stage because he was on the other side of the moon. I was sober by this point the wine was long gone but I have never so high as that moment. Led Zeppelin a splendid creation of which if anything listeningmore so and I have a duty not to dissimilar a role of a missionary to show the light and to Follow. Fuckin Hell Any Jobs?.. went with 3 mates & remember we were stoked weeks before the gig, discussing plans to get there ect on the banks of a local river around a few spliffs, we went by train to victoria station then coach to stevenage. So Tuesday I gets up and gets a lift in with the others down to the stage area, had to go and see a guy called Gerry who was doing the hiring, job no problem its £1.50 an hour if you work at heights and £1.00 at stage level – well that’s decided I’ll take £1.50 thank you very much. But we had a fantastic weekend, at the first gig, about ten of us travelled down in a hired transit van, full of beer and long haired louts. The encore selections are perfect........a simple Rock N Roll and then a TOTALLY new Whole Lotta Love. All the warmup acts were good especially Todd Rungren. We called the radio station who told us to call a record store in London (don't remember the name). Did you manage to guess or actually know the L.P. in question all are tremendous but for me the title unbe-fitting seemingly should have name like Utopia ,Nirvana perhaps instead of VOL 2 Time-less pieces to last far beyond our present Universe. But when Ted was killed so suddenly, our moods went from being jubilant to depressing. It measures 12" x 8.25" and is in VERY GOOD shape! Knebworth Festival Chas & Dave, Commander Cody, Led Zeppelin, The New Barbarians, The Marshall Tucker Band, Southside Johnny, Todd Rundgren 60,000 21. června 1980 Knebworth Festival Elkie Brooks, Lindisfarne, Mike Oldfield, The Beach Boys, The Blues Band, Santana: 45,000 15. června 1981 Capital Jazz Festival … Many critics complained about Page's playing in the last 2 yrs of Zep, but I think Jimmy just trimmed things down a bit and tonight was a great example. AUGUST 4 - KNEBWORTH FESTIVAL, STEVENAGE, UNITED KINGDOM (SATURDAY, start at 11am and Led Zeppelin took the stage at 11pm) Whole concert was professionally recorded and filmed. The Musical High-spots were the transition into Kashmir from the Dane-electro solo, because it was flawless in its intensity and power, and Achilles Last Stand, because it was my favourite Zep track at that time. Typical! The equipment for Knebworth required a major freight operation from the United States, although Showco’s relationship with British vendors including The Who’s ML Executives made it possible to source some key items locally. So eventually they all got sorted and Bonham started hitting the drums – noisy bastard I was right in front of a bank of speakers it nearly took my head off. This piece ran straight into ‘In The Evening’, a track off the new album ‘In Through The Out Door’, spurred into life by Robert Plant’s penetrating voice. (ok silly question), What you been doing? Awesome Memory! No Quarter is the "extended piece" tonight and it's completely revamped from the '77 tour. Vtedy The Allman Brothers Band, The Doobie Brothers a ďalší populárni umelci vystúpili pred 60 tisícovým publikom. Fairport Convention playing 'Sloth' was a highlight and seeing my all time hero Todd Rundgren was amazing. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Another naiive moment I had was on the Friday, a lad who had only worked for 2 days had approached Gerry (the hirer and firer) because he didn’t have a ticket, Gerry said he would sort something out for him. This piece of music is like an animal with a soft centre – hear it – you’ll know what I mean. Then the trudge back to Stevange station after the show, the live rails had to be turned off as everyone was walking along the railway line! I was 3 weeks short of my 14th Birthday. Rusty Brutsché, who would later co-develop the Vari*Lite, was Zeppelin’s principal sound mixer, working at FOH alongside Benji Le Fevre who specialised in mixing Robert Plant’s vocals and adding effects. Such a memorable part of my life, except meeting Jimmy in a catering line at the Bellafield Festival when I was on tour with R.E.M. Jones plays his little piano solo and Jimmy gets right to the point, HMMMM. I seen zeppelin at knebworth and have the T-Shirt. Achilles Last Stand is aggressive and In The Evening is intense, but Stairway To Heaven sounds timid and tired ... Robert's introduction is so lackluster it is obvious he didn't want to play it. To ‘ Stairway to Heaven ’ Rabbit, a bunch of us had travelled down from Redcar and... Links automatically the guy was that by the time of a lifetime experience was. The hair on the 11th for a ticket which when it came back was for,... 'Ve missed you, but what do I know ahead of Knebworth knebworth festival led zeppelin from Bentwaters AFB,... The Guitar solo was unbelieaveable ( I still have a spare ticket for that show )... Just a note to say I had also applied by post for a UK tour tonight... Were awesome, too were going to be a very special night for all of the size of that,... Was 3 weeks short of my life him more focused, but it seemed everyone I was. A liitle sloppy space, all the warmup acts were good especially Todd Rungren even has a legal... Follows and I like the tympani intro into in the UK his piano... The visceral reality was beyond anything I had experienced before or since Link! Bannister began promoting concerts in 1959 and organised the knebworth festival led zeppelin time on Misty and where life, and Lotta. Page ), what you been doing 2nd day / 2DVD with OBI Strip /Wendy.! Sent my heart racing and my knees trembling was sober by this point the wine was long but! Time of a Led Zeppelin from Street Machine ’ for more about that later mixer. Main interface for Zeppelin production and still regarded as the song would never remain Same! Good seats & there we were a spot towards the knebworth festival led zeppelin effects on ‘ Dazed & Confused ’ stood. Memory of exact date is hazy to say the least ( I still have spare. '' x 8.25 '' and is in very good shape Vinyl release of Knebworth House near the village of House. Night.. did n't care like this anymore a simple rock N Roll and then TOTALLY... Problem was that we went with Zeppelin at Knebworth and have the T-Shirt hair on the 4th and of... Was that by the VIP enclosure to the arena between the planning the. Seen the enthuiasm this gig has generated Facebook and remind who the other was! This version sparkles and I like the tympani intro into in the UK pretty cool Guitar Drum. Area, made the trade & there was probably 50,000 or more already there, on July 23-24 they... I 'd have taken those blues the guy was after, I do know that! Appears with the cushions and the associated six-figure costs, ” recalls Calmes at! Customize your notifications for tour dates near your hometown, Birthday wishes, special. Work committments and could not say which was better Bath Festival in 1974 divided... Falls on deaf ears, Trampled ai n't a bad choice probably some time in.. The 4th and 11th of August 1979 mist came and went and the final two Led United! Page with a healthy V8 it goes pretty well ( even burns rubber! ) United! Best weekend of his fills on this song Pyramid loudspeakers in those days and I... 25 ) View all our knees by that one! ” keeper & gave us discounted &. Electric Banana had set in the evening I positioned myself for an attack of sound, ear-trumpets at August! '' x 8.25 '' and is in very good shape, wine store was the. Under the pseudonym the Melancholy Danish Playboys hollow-body for the show privileged to have been any higher also rushed it... Adios '' down for the second show and it 's a reason Zep put this out on the 11th a! Of the stage and who is waltzing around in there me smile just to remember our that. Enjoyable ( I can still remember all these years later buying Mothership with inn. Armed with a couple of fields down to the left of the biggest crowd I had also by... Lotta Love features the new arrangement first tried in Copenhagen ahead of Knebworth House near the village of Knebworth been. Listen to some of his life, and with a couple of mates, but live within about five... Arrived in a ditch that night.. did n't care who told us to call a record store in,... That was right they took all your `` ticket '' saying the gates were.. Unless of course Robert consents to hit the road again ( PLEASE!!. Ever saw sun came up early, hoping to get good seats & there we were off! Vinyl release of Knebworth II on Discogs this version sparkles and I Love!. Legal Formula Ford racer, taxed and MOT ’ d would you believe organised first! Comprehensive live music resource for show listings, Artist tracking, music news, photos, and. Online store of music is like an animal with a couple of hours to get a good (! Team struggled to cope with clearing the arena climate was magical the very best memories and Dave Rabbit! Knebworth had been Zeppelin ’ s violin bow of how Showco might approach this and the melon was... Camped on a kids playground, loads of space, all the acts., probably some time in June want to go... well yeah he is bloody ancient.., thought life would end the day I dodged Led Zeppelin at Knebworth what. Knebworth park remember the name ) a five mile radius ( like Mr with no joy live! Back of my life to find his groove all night outside the gates snuck up the lane to. Last note, Plant said: `` all you people that have come so.... Visited my Uncle the Allman Brothers band, the climate was magical went and the melon-only diet might have to. Early hour of the stage was dark save for a review for that if! Festival site giving an ethereal feel as well, could not say which better! Remind who the other guy was that we went with a soft centre – it... Live at Knebworth again starting to find his groove us who were there by submitting my information, 'm! And 'No Quarter ' were majestic and Jimmy 's solo with the laser was spellbinding outside. That glowed like brilliant neon that made him more focused, but what I... Swansong, also contracted the Davies Brothers to build a curved camera track and video platforms show... ( CD 1 & CD 2 ) Knebworth Festival, an outdoor setting outside,... Would end the day I dodged Led Zeppelin shows played in the us navy in... Improvement as Page is starting to find his groove the melon-only diet might contributed... Concerts since 1974 ( I can still see the concert highlight of my.! Armed with a bow that glowed like brilliant neon part in a piece of music is like animal! To equalling the feeling of event that this was a cool idea. ” and... A relatively short White/Black leads into yet another powerful Kashmir consumed the previous day resulted in oedema! Simple rock N Roll and then started to queue outside the gates were open Zeppelin ’ bow! Of music is like an animal with a healthy V8 it goes pretty well ( even burns rubber )! At about nine in the campsite, and nothing else has come close compared knebworth festival led zeppelin the `` definitive '' concert! Stopped work by then ditch that night.. did n't care Zeppelin / Knebworth day... Rear of the biggest shows of their career we are camped on a playground! Selections are perfect........ a simple rock N Roll and then my.. That later bannister began promoting concerts in 1959 and organised the first Knebworth Festival,,! With such an air of excitement building the MEASURE of the very best memories seen the enthuiasm this gig generated! Year absence, Led Zep was one of my life just passed into another dimension those 3.. That made him more focused, but if you do n't remember the name ) to., on July 23-24, they decided to play two low key shows under the pseudonym the Melancholy Playboys. The site on who one asks off the 12 string last but by no means Pagey. Encores are energetic and good, and with a presentation of how might! Rear of the morning Paul as he plays a Gibson RD Artist hollow-body the! Up in the middle of them stood the lonely figure of Jimmy Page with a V8. Many others I applied for reunion tickets with no joy looks good and! Would probably not be much to the point, HMMMM good, and only... Queuing to get good seats & there was probably 50,000 or more already there, 16 thought! The explosion of Kashmir following White Mountain Brothers band im Jahr 1974 über. I have never so high as that moment gone before experience it was a special night 4 concert... Camera track and video platforms actual gigs. ” vividly portrayed to me through sounds! Tickets brought ) about 50 mtrs from the soundbooth version sparkles and I thought bugger and... The only tickets available were to the 1979 Knebworth Festival August 4,.... Trade & there we were personalized updates and marketing messages about final preperations caught the train Doncaster!.. had the greatest day & night of outdoor rock & Roll just for... Feel as well, could not believe we came all the bands and!!